Real Escape Game by SCRAP
REG vol. 1 – Escape from the Mysterious Cathedral
REG vol. 2 – Escape from the Werewolf Village
REG vol. 3 – The Crazy Last Will of Dr Mad
REG vol. 4 – Escape from the Haunted Ship
REG vol. 5 – Escape from the Bank
REG vol. 6 – Escape from the Moon Base
REG vol. 7 – Escape from the Walled City
REG vol. 8 – Last Garden: Save Nature, Save Humanity
REG vol. 9 – Escape from the Conspiracy

Escape Tournament Seasons 1 and 2
Guardians of the East: The Awakening

Encounter – The Dormitory
Encounter – The Community Centre

FindX – Office Breakout [beta-test]
FindX – Saving Dua Tau

ThinkOut x Lockdown – Journey to the End and Back
Lockdown – Whisper of the Guardians
Lockdown – Artefact Tempus
Lockdown – Code of Silence
Lockdown – Oddballs Odyssey
Lockdown – True Lies: Secrets of the Gallery
Lockdown – Virtual Agents
Lockdown – Lost Treasure of Sarang Rimau

Nomis Piy
Nomis Piy – Meltdown – Rescue Mission
Nomis Piy – The Abandoned Chapel
Nomis Piy – Murder on the Blue Atlantis
BreakOut x Nomis Piy – Trapped in My Own Mind [temporary escape room]
Nomis Piy – The Triads
Nomis Piy – Escape from the Forbidden Mansion
Nomis Piy – Enigma – Quest for the Code Book
Nomis Piy – The Extraordinary Tea
Nomis Piy – Finding Christmas

The Escape Artist
The Escape Artist – Escape from Reverie
The Escape Artist – The Mystery Mansion
The Escape Artist – Anti-Drug Escape Game
The Escape Artist – The Four Horsemen of Doom
The Escape Artist – Project ILC
The Escape Artist – The Guardians
The Escape Artist – Iridian Legends
The Escape Artist – Operation Rescue Mid-Autumn
The Escape Artist – The Mooncake Heist
The Escape Artist – Santa vs Caishen
The Escape Artist – Iliad: Legend’s Call
The Escape Artist – The Trial of The Apprentice (2020)
The Escape Artist – Zombie Survival
The Escape Artist – Saving Christmas
The Escape Artist – Pan!c at the Gallery
The Escape Artist – Decoding Civic District

Other escape, mystery, or puzzle-style events
I Know Who Killed You This Halloween
Where’s Max
Changi Revisited – The Hendon Horrors
Freeing SG – Rise to the Challenge: Biohazard
Roomraider – Amazing Race
Premonition: 90 Minutes Before
Stranded on Mars
Xcape – CIA Crisis
Crime City
S-capegoats – NS-cape
MCCY x Kult – Collab & Conquer
TOYBOX – Cluedo Tudor Mansion
Xcape – Learning Neighbourhood escape room
Tribe – 牛车水 (Niu Che Shui) Murders
Ci Yuan Youth Network – Danger in Space
Ransack/Monster Day Tours – The King’s Feast

Not events, but always-available murder mysteries – CSI: A Good Night to Die
Xcape – Shanghai 1943

Other events with escape or mystery elements
The Inside Job


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    We designed a Augmented Reality Escape Game for iOS and would like to invite you to play it. May I know how I can contact you?


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