Nomis Piy – The Missing Son

When: 18 Jun 2022
Team: Six people
Venue: Telok Ayer

From their original hall-based events, to puzzle books, to the outdoor puzzle kit game Quest for the Merlion Eye, Nomis Piy keeps bringing us fantastic puzzle experiences. The Missing Son is another new format, featuring site-specific puzzling a la Quest for the Merlion Eye, but with the addition of a meaningful in-person intro and conclusion.

The approach to the game kit was also unique: puzzles on a digital interface (more convenient than carrying puzzle sheets around), but with a physical kit containing important materials, as well as a handy laminated map and answer sheet on which to record your progress.

Many of my favourite moments were thanks to the physical kit, which contains cool surprises — but of course, there were also delightfully clever puzzles. All the puzzles were rigorous and fair, with a range of difficulty and puzzle types, allowing team members with different strengths to contribute.

The narrative also felt stronger than usual, and better integrated with the puzzles. Since this was the only aspect where I’ve previously found Nomis Piy’s offerings a bit lacking, it was really great to see how the storyline shone in this one.

Result: Finished in under two hours. It would be a spoiler to say much more… but we’re definitely looking forward to Nomis Piy’s next event!

Nomis Piy – The Missing Son

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