Lockdown – Code of Silence

Lockdown is running this again on 23 June! Get tickets here

When: 17 Mar 2018
Team: Five people
Venue: Battlebox, Fort Canning Park

I always appreciate site-specific escape games, and it was a plus that this took place in the air-conditioned Battlebox, haha. As usual, Lockdown/ThinkOut did a solid job with the scene-setting and costumed actors. Despite the maze-like nature of the Battlebox, it wasn’t too hard getting around and finding what needed to be found, either.

As for the puzzles themselves, there was generally a good level of integration with the existing exhibits — with the exception of one puzzle that remained unsatisfying even after learning the right answer, and another that was a bit search-y and tedious. One highlight was a puzzle that made direct use of a team member, in a callback to the very beginning of the event.

The final metapuzzle was well-executed and impervious to brute-forcing, which I  appreciate; the finale itself was cute and thematic. A solid event, even if the puzzles weren’t necessarily a highlight.

Result: Succeeded in sending off the code word before time ran out.

Lockdown – Code of Silence



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