Nomis Piy – The Extraordinary Tea

Nomis Piy is running this again on 10 March 2018! Get tickets here

When: 16 Dec 2017
Team: Three people
Venue: Greenwitch Cafe, Solaris

Singapore’s most reliable escape game provider continues to innovate. Nomis Piy’s latest event had a refreshing new format: small teams (two to four players), a setting in an actual cafe, and puzzles that were delivered to your table by “waiters”, course by course. There was also a generous 90-minute time limit, and the organisers encouraged participants to take their time rather than rushing to finish.

All of this made for a more relaxed experience than usual, particularly as there was no need to leave your seat. The clear game structure gave you a decent idea of how far along you were, and the largely linear progression suited the smaller team sizes.

The puzzles themselves were delectable (sadly not literally), starting with straightforward appetisers and moving on to meatier ones. Nomis Piy’s strength of reusing puzzle components shone brighter than before — this is one of my favourite aspects of their events, and it’s exciting to see the new ways in which it’s done each time.

What I loved about this event, in particular, was how some puzzles made use of the cafe theme in innovative and exciting ways — there were several cool ahas that relied on the physical setting of the game. The endgame was a real treat, with a completely unexpected moment that elicited spontaneous “wows” from us.

On a side note, it was indeed extraordinary to see the difference that higher production values could make: various puzzle pieces were mounted on cork or foam, and although that must have been time-consuming, the pleasingly tactile feel made the puzzles more fun than if we had just been shuffling slips of paper around.

Overall, experienced teams might have found the game simpler than usual. But that didn’t affect my own enjoyment, and probably improved the experience for less experienced teams.

Nomis Piy indicated that there might be a sequel if response was good. This particular event didn’t sell out, which I think is a huge shame — let’s hope that, if a sequel does materialise, more people will partake of it.

Result: Had a good meal. We ate it rather quickly, finishing in under 50 minutes, but were certainly satisfied.

Nomis Piy – The Extraordinary Tea



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